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1968 Pontiac Firebird

The 1968 Pontiac Firebird represented the 2nd production year for this new Pontiac. The car received minor exterior changes. The most noticeable was the removal of the quarter window vents (similar to what happened with the 1968 Camaro).

On the outside this car featured the same smooth bulging lines found on the Camaro but included a integrated front bumper which was part of entire grill assembly. It also featured additional chrome trim emblems on the front fenders and tail panel.

A new option for the performance model Firebird 400 was an increase in horsepower. The newly optional Ram Air 400 motor from the GTO was added to the lineup mid year.

Hardtop, convertible, Firebird 400

1968 Firebird

Cid HP Info
250 175 6 cyl
250 215 6 cyl
350 265 2 bbl
350 320 HO
400 330  
400 335 HO
400 340 Ram Air


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