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789 Kanter Concept Muscle Car

How would you like the vintage classic styling of a 1957 to 1959 Chevrolet with the power, comfort, and handling of a new Corvette? If the design crew at KanterConcepts has their way you will have it.

The "789" represents a styling hybrid of a 1957 , 1958, and 1959 Chevrolet. The front end is designed from '57, the side styling is from a '58, and the rear is '59 Chevrolet styling. The body is fused with a Corvette C6 chassis to create the car represented below.

789 Concept789 concept

789 concept789 Concept

According the N2AMotors web site, a 789 costs $135,000 turnkey. However, if you supply the Vette the cost is closer to $40,000. This includes a wheel and tire allowance, custom exhaust, and suspension upgrades. If the 789 is not unique enough already you can modify it until your heart is content. We think a turbo would be a sensible addition.

A quick glance through their web site reveals some other concept vehicles based on a 1950's Buick and a homolgomation of a 1961 and 1955 Chevrolet. Creative cars such as the 789 and New Camaro's demonstrate the need and strength of the muscle car market.

Have any opinions on the 789 or other Kanter Concepts?