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1988 Fox Mustang Notch Coupe

Welcome to my Mustang stock eliminator project. I do hope you find some of this informative or entertaining. I grew up always drooling over the 1960's and 1970's NHRA stock and super stock race cars. Needless to say, I've been hooked on the prospect of class racing since I was very young. Finally, in 2003, I was able to spend some time and money working towards my goal.

My goal: Build an NHRA stock eliminator legal mustang that can be driven to the track and run under the class index.

I've got a long way to meeting my goal. However, I've got some great help available to me.

UPDATE: I have since sold the car, however check out the additional 88 Mustang photos and information.

The Car:

It is a 1988 Ford Mustang LX notchback with a 5.0L V8 EFI and an AOD automatic. The only options originally on the car are A/C and cruise control. The car has undergone some minor changes over the past 5 years. Current upgrades include:


I originally purchased the car in the summer of 2003 with 180,000km. The car was completely stock - including the original plug wires and silencer. As any AOD owner knows, the car barely could spin the tires. Especially due to the fact it had 2.73 gears. As with any high mileage car, I've done endless maintenance ranging from brakes, suspension, to heater core(s) (Argh), and countless leaks.

Drag Race Time Slips

Date Time Mods
June 2011 13.78 @ 99.4 Short belt, little tail wind, 5100 shifts
Sept 2010 13.79 @ 97.7 (1.90 60ft) Baro pressure at 30.6, good air, 5200 rpm shifts
Aug 2010 13.97 @ 97.1 short tube headers, x pipe
June 2010 14.13 @95.5 mph poor air, no changes
Aug 2009 14.18 @ 95.1 (1.91 60ft) Stock rebuilt motor, stall converter, 5500 ft air
Sept 2007 14.38 @ 95.1 mph (2.15 60ft) Electric fan installed and still shifting in D @ 4500rpm
Aug 2007 14.42 @ 94.8 mph No changes
Aug 2007 14.44 @ 95.5 mph 14 degrees, 45psi fronts, wheel alignment done up front
(tail wind at this race helped the mph), drag suspension, no sway bar
July 2007 14.62 @ 90.5 mph Better air, 13 degrees of timing
July 2007 14.69 @ 91.9 mph 4.10's rock
Aug 2006 15.25 @ 91.7 mph Better air, more air in front tires
July 2006 15.32 @ 92.3 mph BFG drag radials, leave at 1200rpm verge of creeping, cooler air, shift kit
July 2006 15.50 @ 91.5 mph Better air, more timing, need drag tires
July 2005 15.59 @ 91.1 mph More timing and a good tune
Sept 2003 15.89 @ 88.6mph First time ever down the track. Shifted in D.
Front tires 40psi / rears 32psi.

My plans for the car to near the M/SA or N/SA index (currently low 13's) with the AOD are:

Have any advice? Feel free to contact me at

Drag Racing Tips and Tricks:

I've been fortunate to have a very consistent car. In fact, on many race dates I've varied as little as 5 /100ths all day long. These are my thoughts on how to be successful at drag racing and making a consistent starter bracket car.


My quest for success would not be possible without supports of friends. Thank you to:

Racing Accomplishments:

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