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1968 Buick GS 400

1968 buick gs 400 convertible

The 1968 Buick Grand Sport, or GS, saw numerous styling changes in 1968. The new car featured a shorter wheelbase, long hood, short deck, and an entirely new styling package. A new smaller V8 was offered which increased the 350 cubic inch horsepower to 280. For the Buick buyer who had performance on their mind there was the 400 cid option which featured 245hp and a tire frying 440 ft/lbs of torque. Transmission choices were limited to three speed automatic or a three or four speed standard transmission.

The real story for 1968 was the introduction of a little know package called the "Stage 1". It was a dealer installed option that turned the Buick GS into a true quarter mile hero and was a sign of things to come for Buick enthusiasts. The Stage 1 package included a hotter camshaft, functional ram-air,11.0:1 compression, upgraded valve springs, modified Quadrajet carb, 3.64:1 positraction axle, and a reworked TH-400 transmission that had higher shift points and firmer engagements. Stage 1 cars also had heavy-duty Rallye suspension and power disc bakes.The special package knocked off nearly 1 second in the quarter mile and added nearly 50 hp over the base 400. Not suprisingly, Stage 1 Buick's are highly collectable today.


1968 buick gs dash




At the heart of 4GS 400 was the 400 cubic inch V-8. Horsepower was rated at 340. A 350 cubic engine was also available which produced 280 hp.

1968 buick400 engine

Production / Performance

Production for 1968 was as follows:

GS350 2D Hardtop: 10,530
GS400 2D Hardtop: 10,743
GS400 Convertible: 2,454
Stage 1: production is unknown (mid year option and very rare)

A standard Buick GS 400 did the quarter mile in 15.2 seconds at 92mph. A Stage 1 Buick would do the quarter mile in 14.4 @ 97mph.

1968 buick gs 400 hardtop

1968 Buick Pictures

1968 Buick Grand Sport 350
1968 Buick GS 350
1968 Buick GS 350

1967 Buick GS Top

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