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1971 Buick GS 455

1971 Buick GSX

The beginning of 1971 saw the end of the muscle car era. Due to increased government regulations and a looming global oil crisis car manufacturers were forced to lower compression in their engines. Along with other The 1971 Buick GS 455 was not immune to the low compression movement. The changes in compression meant a loss of 35hp in the 455 cid and over 50hp in the 350 cid version.

The 1971 Buick GS still featured a four barrel carb and true dual exhaust with hood scoops. The car was available with an automatic or a standard transmission. However, the steepest available gear was 3.42. When you combine all these changes the Buick was now a 15 second quarter mile car. Not suprisingly, sales dropped nealry in half in 1971.

The GSX package was still available in 1971 as a trim package and included a new red and black colour scheme. The GSX featured a variety of new colors including Bittersweet Mist, Black, Cortez Gold, Fire Red, Limemist Green, Platinum Twist, Stratomist Blue, and the ultra rare Verdemist Green. The GSX still features a special black hood and stripe treatment, bucket seast, floor shifter, disc brakes, spoiler, and special wheels and tires.

1971 GSX blue



1971 buick dash

1971 buick gsx seats



At the heart of GS 455 and GSX was a low compression 455 cubic inch V-8. Horsepower was rated at 315 or 345hp for the Stage 1.

1971 Buick 455 engine motor


Production / Performance

GS 455 - 8,268 hardtops and 802 convertibles. GSX production was limited to 124. Quarter mile performance for a Stage 1 was 15.3 seconds at 96mph.


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