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2013 COPO Chevrolet Camaro

2013 copo camaro

The 2013 COPO Camaro is the second coming of the Chevrolet super car. Originally produced in 1969 as a drag racing only vehicle this 2013 model stays true to it's heritage. This new COPO is also a race only machine not designed for city roads. Featuring a ton of power, little sound deadening, few power accessories, a roll cage, and no back seat there is no doubt it best belongs blasting down a quarter mile. In fact, the 2013 COPO Camaro is manufactured to the strict standards of the NHRA in order to compete in NHRA Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes.

The chassis features a solid axle and can be mated with a variety of engine combinations. The least powerful options uses a 350hp 5.3L V8. Also, available is the 500hp 6.5 V8 or the monster 7.0L V8 that features 435hp. Transmission options include an ATI Pro Glide automatic or G Force G101A four speed standard. The rear axle features a Strange Engineering 9 inch with a light weight spool and light weight axles. Wheels and tires are special Bogart racing wheels featuring 9 by 30 inch rear slicks and racing skinnies in the front.

2013 copo 427 motor

The interior of the COPO Camaro is business only. It features a chrome moly roll bar, a host of dash gauges, and aftermarket shifter to ensure quick shifts. The dash also contains control switches for the starter, ignition, cooling fans, water pump, and lights. Holding the driver in the seat is a set of RJC 3 inch restraints and window net.

2013 copo interior camaro

To handle all the power the suspension has also been upgraded. Features such as Strange Engineering struts, shocks, and springs ensure a firm footing for the Camaro. To slow things down at the top end of the track Chevrolet installed billet 4 piston calipers and vented rotors

2013 copo camaro

A total of 69 2013 COPO Camaro's will be built with early factor indications the program will continue for future years.


Price: $86,000

Production: estimated to be 69 units


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