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2011 Dodge Challenger

2011 Dodge Challenger B5 blue hemi

The 2011 Dodge Challenger is projected to be nearly a copy of the 2008-2010 model with a few notable upgrades including increased horsepower for the SRT8 model, minor styling adjustments (fascia, interior), and a new V6 model called the Pentastar. You can rest assured that Dodge won't stray away from the successful vintage models such as the R/T model.


Base (SE): 3.6L v6 motor, 5 speed automatic, 17 inch rims

R/T: 5.7L Hemi, 5speed auto or 6 speed manual, 20 by 8 inch rims

SRT8: 6.1L 425 hp Hemi (or 6.4L Hemi with 475-525hp), 5speed auto or 6 speed manual, 20by9 inch rims, leather interior, exterior colors are orange, black, or silver.

Powertrain options:

Size (L) Comp. HP TQ Note
3.6 10:1 280 260

V6 (base)

5.7 10.5:1 370 398 R/T Hemi (auto)
5.7 10.5:1 375 404 R/T Hemi (standard)
6.1 10.3:1 425 420 SRT-8 Hemi

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