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1962 Pontiac Super Duty Catalina

1962 Pontiac Catalina Super duty 421

The 1962 Pontiac Catalina Super Duty was the pinnacle of Pontiac performance. Designed solely for drag strip use the vehicle featured a massive motor, a lightweight body, and a heavy duty suspension that resulted in a 12 second quarter mile car. The Super Duty Catalina represented the glory days for Pontiac. In 1962 any racer on a drag strip or NASCAR tracks around the country was a feared competitor.

The Super Duty Pontiac featured some creative solutions to lower it's weight including aluminum fenders, inner fender skirts, hoods, radiator supports, and front bumper parts. Some cars even included plexiglass windows and frames with swiss chees holes cut inside. All of these changes amounted to a reducation of 200 pounds on the front of the vehicle which helped with traction.



The interior of the Super Duty Catalina was not much different from other 1962 Pontiac's. However, every Super Duty came with a 3 or 4 speed transmission and was void of air conditioner vents as A/C and other creature comforts were not options.

1962 Pontiac Super Duty Interior


The Super Duty 421 Pontiac engine was the largest and pinnacle powertrain in the Pontiac fleet in 1962. The 421 HO featured a high output version of the street version of the big block tri power motors. Essentially the 421 was an over bored 389 cid Pontiac V8 with larger main journals, heavy duty connecting rods, and a forged steel crank. Included in the engine was a high volume oil pump, Mickey Thompson 11.0:1 compression pistons, special bearings and a larger capacity oil pan. The heads on the Super Duty engine featured large ports, bigger valves, 1.65 ratio rocker arms, 300 plus degree McKellar number 10 camshaft, and special aluminum Tri-Y headers. The 421 featured a unique dual carb intake which hosted twin Carter AFB carburetors. The motor was conservatively rated at 405hp and 425 ft-lbs or torque at 4400rpm.

Mated to the powerful motor was a 3 or 4 speed Borg-Warner T10 heavy duty transmission which connected to a 4.30:1 geared axle.

1962 Pontiac super duty 421 engine


Pontiac only produced 240 Super duty 421 version engine. Only 177 of them were put into Catalina Super Duty's and 15 were put into the higher end Grand Prix Pontiac. These are an extremely rare Pontiac!


Quarter Mile: 13.5 @ 107mph


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