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1969 American Motors Hurst SC Rambler

1969 Hurst SC Rambler

The 1969 American Motors Hurst SC Rambler was a unique attempt by AMC to target the die hard "go fast" crowd of muscle car enthusiasts in 1969. AMC's attempt was a considerable success for the company which only planned on producing 500 versions. Total production ended up at 1,512 cars.

The SC/Ramber (or Scrambler) was built from a simple formula; big engine in a tiny car. AMC succeeded in creating a memorable performance car that is quickly increasing in modern values. The Hurst Rambler is one of the quickest AMC products ever to come out of Kenosha.


There is no mistaking an SC/Rambler with it's vibrant red white and blue paint treatment. All SC Ramblers received this paint styling and blue colored steel wheels. Hurst Ramblers also featured a large functional hood scoop and 390 in. decal on the hood affectionately directing a buyers eyes to the massive hood scoop. Paint schemes were available in an "A" style which included red and body sides or in a "B" style which featured red and blue below the body belt line like the photo below:

1969 SC Rambler B scheme


At the heart of the little SC Rambler was AMC's powerful 315 horsepower 390 cid engine. All SC Ramblers were mated with a tough Borg and Warner 4 speed transmission, necessary Hurst shifter, and a 3.54 "Twin-Grip" rear end.

1969 Hurst Rambler SC Rambler 390 engine


Hurst AMC's received special interior treatments to match the vibrant exteriors including custom colored seats, Hurst shifter, and Sun tachometer.

1969 SC Rambler interior dash


All Hurst Ramblers featured heavy duty shocks and springs, Bendix power assisted front disc brakes , quick ratio steering, heavy duty clutch, glass pack mufflers and upgraded cooling system. Five spoke mag wheels with trim rings and red-striped Goodyear tires were standard on all SC/ Ramblers.


1/4 Mile: 14.4 @ 100.44 mph

Production Information:

1512 hardtops (approx only 300 in paint scheme A). The first 500 cars featured the red center body panels and a blue arrow on the hood with the word "AIR" spelled out on the hood.

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