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1970 American Motors Rebel Machine

1970 rebel machine

The 1970 American Motors Rebel Machine was introduced in late 1969 as a drag racing machine. Built between a conjunction betwen Hurst and AMC (simliar to the SC/Rambler) it featured a powerful motor and stunning red, white, and blue body treatment.

The powertrain of the Rebel Machine was a 340hp 390cid V8 engine which was mated to a close ratio four speed transmission. The power made its way to the ground through a beefed rear end with 3.54 or 3.91 gears and featured a heavy duty suspension. Styled 15 inch wheels and raised white letter tires complimented with disc brakes made for a very handling vehicle despite a 3600 pound curb weight.

1970 AMC 390

The first 100 cars produced featured the wild paint styling featured above. Future Machines came in optional regular production colors but includes a body stripe and blacked out hood treatment. "The Machine" decals were attached on the front fenders and the rear trim panel.

1970 rebel machine interior

Rebel Machine emblems


Production Information:

Rebel Machine: 2,326

Powertrain Options:

Cid HP Info
390 340  

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