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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

1966 Chevelle SS

For 1966 the Chevelle received some body restyling. A new grill, exterior sheet metal, tunneled rear window, and rear tail panel altered the appearance of the Chevelle. These cars are very popular with muscle car lovers. Again, like the 1965 Chevelle, the big option was the 396.


Base, convertible

SS 396: High trim options, blacked out grill rocker panel trim, hood scoops, and red stripe tires. Standard 325 hp 396 motor.

Z16: Heavy duty convertible frame, heavy duty suspension, SS emblems on front fender, wider tires, 375hp 396 motor!

Engine options:

Cid HP Info
396 325 SS396
396 360 L34
396 375 Z16
396 375 L78


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