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1969 Chevrolet Nova SS

The 1969 Chevrolet Nova was very much a continuation of the 1968. After all, if it's not broken why fix it? The new Nova was selling well for Chevrolet

On the outside, the 1969 Nova SS received small SS badges on the fenders and rear taillights. Otherwise, the Nova SS appeared virtually identical to any other Nova. Total production for the Nova SS in 1969 was 17,654.

Also available, although extremely rare, was theYenko 427cid equipped Nova. It featured a 425hp solid lifter 427cid motor backed with the other suspension upgrades found in 396 SS. Only 30 cars are known to have been produced.

The 327cid motor was discontinued in 1969. Now available to the SS were three hot 350cid motors and two 396 options.


Hardtop, coupe

1969 Nova SS

Engine options:

Cid HP Torque Info
350 200 345 L65
350 255 365 LM1
350 300 380 L48
396 350 415 L34
396 375 415 L78
427 425 460 Yenko


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