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1971 Chevrolet Chevelle

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle

The glory of the once powerful Chevelle began to fade this year. The 1971 Chevelle saw some minor cosmetic changes such as single headlights and integrated turn signal lamps. However, the big changes were happening under the hood.

Gone was the hungry LS6 option. Instead the LS5 option saw an increase of 5hp. The SS package was available to nearly any Malibu and up powered Chevelle. No longer was the 396 the standard SS motor. As well, the familiar 350cid motor was introduced to the Chevelle this year.


Base, convertible, Malibu (high decorative options)

Heavy Chevy: Based on Malibu body option and included, side stripes, black-out grille, ralleye wheels, heavy chevy badging, optional cowl hood and hood pins. Could order with base 307 200hp motor or option for L65, L48, or 300hp 402 motor.

SS: Available in all models as package (350cid, 396/400cid, 454cid). Chrome wheel moldings, SS badges, cowl induction hood, heavy duty suspension, and decorative engine compartment (chrome).

SS-454: Included decorative engine compartment (chrome), dual exhaust with chrome tips, blacked out grille, dual hood pins, optional cowl induction hood, raised white letter tires, and 15 by 7 inch sport wheels. Motor options was the 454cid 365hp motor (LS5) .

Engine options for Chevelle SS:

Cid HP Info
350 245 L65
350 270 L48
396 (402) 300 LS3
454 365 LS5


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