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2008 Chevrolet Camaro

On January 10th, 2006 Chevrolet unveiled the Concept Camaro to the world. Muscle car fans, both new and old, have taken great interest in this potential offering. Chevrolet is attempting to satisfy the classic muscle car fans and newer buyers with a blended style of nostalgia and modern design. Did they meet their goal? It's too early to tell, but public reception and interest has been high. The Camaro will not be alone in 2008 as Dodge will unveil their all new Dodge Challenger. In essence, the 2009 Camaro is an all new version of the beloved 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The new 2009 Chevrolet Camaro is designed to appeal to men and women and will incorporate a V8 and V6 version.

According to GM's press release, the Camaro will be powered by an LS2 6.0L V8 motor expected to output 400hp. In reality, the Camaro will be officially offered as a 2009 model.

The new Camaro will be built in Oshawa Ontario (Canada) in a newly designed state of the art facility. Production will begin during 2009 with cars available during the 3rd quarter of 2009. Pricing has yet to be determined.

2009 Camaro


The new Camaro is likely to include the new small block V-8 LS2. This 6.0 liter LS2 engine features an aluminum block and heads for light weight, and Active Fuel Management™ (which shuts off cylinders to save fuel when the engine is not heavily loaded. Such a version of the LS2 is rated at 400 horsepower, yet is still able to retain good fuel economy during highway driving (30mpg).

2009 Camaro motor ls2


The new Camaro is not just designed for straight line performance. Engineers have designed a car that will handle virtually any terrain and conditions. The suspension will incorporate four wheel independent suspension with progressive rate springs and huge 14 inch brake rotors.



Vehicle type: two-door, four-passenger rear-wheel drive coupe
Wheelbase (in / mm): 110.5 / 2806
Length (in / mm): 186.2 / 4730

Width (in / mm):
79.6 / 2022
Height (in / mm): 53 / 1344
Track (in / mm): 63.8 / 1620 front; 63.3 / 1607 rear
Engine: 6.0-L V-8 LS-2, 400 hp / 298 kw, with Active Fuel Management™
Transmission: six-speed manual T56
Suspension: four-wheel independent: MacPherson strut front, multilink rear, progressive rate coil springs, gas-pressurized dampers
Brakes: four-wheel disc, 14” rotors with four-piston calipers
Wheels: cast aluminum, 21” front, 22” rear
275/30R21 front, 305/30R22 rear


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