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1968 Dodge Dart

1968 Dart

The 1968 Dodge Dart received some minor restyling on the exterior. However, there were huge changes in the power train and performance options for 1968. The Dart, as a member of the Scat Pack, came with numerous features also available to the Dodge Charger and Super Bee. These included bumble bee stripes, chrome dual exhaust, bulge power hood, and “take no prisoners” power trains.

On the exterior the 1968 Dodge Dart featured a revised grill with round turn signal lamps, saw the addition of round side marker lights, and featured newly styled taillights. Other exterior changes were minimal. However, for buyers who opted for the GT or GTS level Dart they received lots of additional chrome side moldings to compliment the clean styling lines of the Dart. The Dart GTS received a dual bulge hood that featured chrome inserts and dual chrome exhaust tips.

On the interior the Dart received little upgrades from previous years. However, the optional wood grain steering wheel was a popular option for GTS owners. The big news was under the hood.

For the 1968 production year Chrysler introduced an all new high winding 340 cid small block. Featuring high compression, aggressive cam, 2.02 / 1.60 valve heads, dual plane intake, and free flowing exhaust manifolds, these motors were conservatively rated at 275hp. In a light weight car such as the Dart this made for a wonderful combination in power and handling. However, production was not limited to just the 340 motor. Buyers could choose a 383 big block as an option, although at the expense of some handling as the enormous weight of the big block did not suit the car well in the turns. Even the potent 440 magnum motor was an option for those willing to buy from Grand Spaulding Dodge and order a Dart GSS.

Another infamous 1968 Dart option was the Super Stock Hemi Dart. Hurst built approx. 50 cars for competition in NHRA’s competitive Super Stock class. These cars were acid dipped bodies and had fiberglass fenders, and hood. The cars came with bare bones interior and light weight lexan windows. They were built to be feather light and extremely fast from the factory. Each car also came with a four speed or torqueflight mated to a Dana 60 rear end and racing leaf springs. Under the hood was the 12.5 to 1 compression 426 race hemi. These cars were not street legal and even came from the factory in primer so racers would create their own paint schemes. Currently, super stock Darts and Barracudas run the quarter mile in under 9 seconds at over 150mph. Read the Chrysler announcement letter that explains all about the 1968 Super Stock cars.

1968 Hemi Super Stock Dart Pictures:

1968 hemi dart

1968 super stock dart


All Dodge Dart GTS cars received Rallye suspension featuring heavy duty shocks, springs, torsion bars, sway bars, and better front brakes. These cars also featured a strong 8 ¾ inch rear end and optional gear ratios.


Hardtop, coupe, convertible

Powertrain options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
170   115   6 cyl
225   145   base
318   180    
340 10.5 275 340 Wedge
383 10.0 300 425 @ 2800  


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