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1971 Dodge Demon

Demon Image1971 Dodge Demon

With the success of the Plymouth Duster, Dodge realized they too needed an entry level muscle car. Thus, the 1970 Dodge Demon was born. Not surprisingly the car was somewhat controversial due to it’s “evil” name and corresponding devil with a pitchfork graphic. Anyhow, despite some minor cosmetic changes the Demon was essentially a Plymouth Duster. As with the Duster, you could order a base Demon with 6 cylinder or 318cid. The other option was the Demon 340 and carried identical specifications to the Plymouth Duster 340.


Demon (base)
Demon 340

Powertrain options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
198   125  

6 cylinder

225   145 215 6 cylinder
318       2V
340 10.2 275 340 Demon 340


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