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1971 Dodge Super Bee

1971 Super Bee

The 1971 Dodge Super Bee was more of an after thought than a deliberate attempt to create a muscle car. Due to the success of the Super Bee name in the past three years Dodge decided to market the car again one final time for 1971. This time it was essentially a 1971 Dodge Charger with Super Bee badging. Underneath the sheet metal and bumble bee image was all Charger.

The Super Bee was easily detected by its blacked out bulge hood and large bumble bee logo found in the middle of the bulge. As in all previous years, the Super Bee received Rallye suspension and came standard with a 383cid motor. The hemi and six pack were still options for this final production year.

For those Super Bee owners who opted for the "Super Trak Pack" option they received a Dana 60 packed with 4.10 gears, larger radiator, bigger cooling fan, dual breaker distributor, and a pistol grip shifted 4 speed.


Hardtop only

Powertrain options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
383 10.0 335 425 base motor
440 10.1 375 480  
440 +6 10.5 390 490 Six Pack
426 10.25 425 490



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