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2010 Dodge Challenger

2010 Dodge Challenger

2010 Challenger SE

The 2010 Dodge Challenger is nearly identical to the 2009 model year. Sales of the newly restyled Dodge Challenger have been strong despite economic uncertainties with Chrysler/Dodge. The Challenger has some fierce competition between the newly styled Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. A variety of accesories are available for the vehicle.


Base (SE): 3.5L v6 motor, 5 speed automatic, 17 inch rims

R/T: 5.7L Hemi, 5speed auto or 6 speed manual, 20 by 8 inch rims

SRT8: 6.1L 425 hp Hemi, 5speed auto or 6 speed manual, 20by9 inch rims, leather interior, exterior colors are orange, black, or silver.

Powertrain options:

Size (L) Comp. HP TQ Note
3.5 10:1 250 250

V6 (base)

5.7 10.5:1 370 398 R/T Hemi (auto)
5.7 10.5:1 375 404 R/T Hemi (standard)
6.1 10.3:1 425 420 SRT-8 Hemi

2009 Dodge Challenger Top


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