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1965 Ford Mustang

The second year of mustang production saw limited changes to the car. Unlike the 1964 model, there were several V8 options available. This included a high output 289 "K code" and the famous specially produced Carroll Shelby mustangs. Buyers could also choose from a variety of body styles; hardtop, convertible, or fastback. The pony car market was now in full swing!


Hardtop: standard


GT: Included 2 high output V8 options (289's), fog lamps in the grill, side stripes, dual exhaust tips, gt badges on the fenders, and a special dash cluster (which would be standard in 1966).

Shelby GT-350: Carroll Shelby designed fastbacks in white with black interior. All vehicles had blue dual stripes and no back seat. Motor was a 306hp 289 with upgraded cooling and suspension.

Shelby GT-350R: Extremely rare - 360hp 289. Basically a full on race car with lightened body panels and redesigned suspension.

Powertrain options:

Cid Horsepower Torque
170 101  
200 120  
260 164  
289 225  
289 271  
289 306 *gt350  

Exterior Colors:

Caspian Blue
Champagne Beige
Dynasty Green
Honey Gold
Ivy Green
Midnight Turquoise
Poppy Red
Prairie Bronze
Rangoon Red
  Raven Black
Silver Blue
Silversmoke Gray
Springtime Yellow
Sunlight Yellow
Tropical Turquoise
Vintage Burgundy
Wimbledon White

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