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1967 Ford Mustang

In 1967 the Ford Mustang would receive some restyling to the sheet metal as well as under the hood. Overall, the car was build to appear more bulky and appear to be of larger stature. A new grill was introduced with a larger opening between the headlights. The rear tail panel received a indented appearance with stylized tail lamps. The fastback body style was now a complete fastback with the roof tapering back all the way to the tail panel. It was rumored the new 2005 an up Mustang was styled upon this model year. The biggest news for 1967 was the introduction of a big block for the Mustang. Available for the first time was the 390.


Hardtop, convertible, fastback

GT: Included 2 high output V8 options (289 or 390), fog lamps in the grill, dual exhaust tips, rocker panel stripes, and gt badges on the fenders. Also available for the first time was an automatic transmission (GTA option).

Shelby GT-350: Carroll Shelby designed fastbacks available in a variety of colors this year. All cars had large fog lamps set in the grill, gt350 rocker panel stripes, shelby badge on the fender, and simulated hood scoop. Motor was a 306hp 289 with upgraded cooling and suspension. Taillights were from the Mercury Cougar and stretched almost entirely across the rear tail panel.

Shelby GT-500: Similar to the gt350 but with the newly introduced 428 cid motor. As well, each car had a padded roll bar. Approx. 2000 cars were produced.

Powertrain options:

Cid HP Torque Model
200 120    
289 200   2V
289 225   4V
289 271   K code
289 290   gt-350
390 320   S code
428 335   GT-500

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