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1969 Ford Mustang

In 1969, like other companies, was the peak of performance for Ford. The 1969 Mustang changed greatly in styling and performance.

On the outside the Mustang grew by 3.8 inches in length and had a more steeply raked windshield. The body sides did not have the large signature "C" scoop or recess. Instead was an inverted scoop was placed on the rear quarter panel ahead of the wheel well. On fastback models there was a small quarter scoop under the 1/4 window. Inside the car was also remodeled.

the Mustang a variety of potent motors; 428 CJ, 429, Boss 302, and the Boss 429.


Hardtop, convertible, fastback

GT: Available on all body styles. Base motor was a 351. However, many upgrades available. Included special suspension, dual exhaust, and body stripes.

Mach 1: Fastback style body with blacked out hood, shaker scoop, hood pins, stripe down sides of car, chrome gas cap. These cars also came with deluxe interiors. Standard motor was 351 but 428CJ and 428SCJ were available.

Note: The Mach 1 model was added to the Mustang lineup in 2003. It featured the Cobra 4.6 4V head motor rated at 305hp. This included a true cold air shaker intake system connected to a Tremec transmission and solid rear axle featuring 3.55 gears.

Shelby GT-350: Radically restyled. 351 motor. Radical colour option.

Shelby GT-500: Radically restyled. 428 motor. Radical colour

Boss 302: Specially designed 302 with canted big valve heads. Capable of 8000rpm but limited to 6250rpm. Heavy duty suspension & 4 speed. Reportedly the best handling mustang of the 60/70's. Built originally to qualify for Trans Am Racing.

Boss 429: Built for satisfy NASCAR's rule that any motor used must be sold in the showroom. Specially built by Kar Kraft, these cars had revised front suspension and inner fender wells to fit the massive 429. All cars had deluxe interior and are one of the most desirable mustangs of all time.

Powertrain options:

Cid HP Torque Model
200 115    
250 155    
302 220   2V
302 290   Boss
351 250   2V
351 290   4V
390 320   S code
428 335 440 Cobra Jet
428 360   Super Cobra Jet
429 370   Boss 429 (Z)

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