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1971 Ford Mustang

The 1971 Ford Mustang was completely restyled from the previous years. These cars were longer, wider, and heavier. However, they still retained the important styling elements of their predecessors. Some believed that Ford intended to evolve the mustang into a high performance luxury car. Fortuneatly, the big block was still available.


Hardtop, convertible , fastback (SportsRoof)

Grande: Essentially a high dress option. Included deluxe interior, dual mirrors, wheel lip mouldings, vinyl roof, rocker panel mouldings, and other bright work.

Mach 1: Fastback style body with blacked out hood and scoops, lock down pins, pop-up gas cap, color-keyed bumpters, and heavy duty supsension. Motor was the 351 or the massive 429.

Boss: Looked similar to the Mach 1 but included a more aggressive suspension and special 351 high output motor with 11.0 compression, solid cam, and a hurst shifter. Other than the Boss decals these cars have chrome bumpers as opposed to the Mach 1 color keyed bumpers.

Powertrain options:

Cid HP Torque Model
250 145    
302 210   2V
351 240   2V
351 285   4V (M) Cobra Jet
351 330   Boss 351 (R)
429 370   Cobra Jet (C)
429 375   Super Cobra Jet (J)

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