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2000 Cobra R Mustang

2000 Cobra R


The 2000 Cobra R Mustang is a full bred race car in street trim. At the time the Cobra R was unveiled it represented the wildest Mustang ever produced. The car featured a huge motor, massive brakes, hunkered down suspension, Recaro seats, and many aerodynamic aids needed to keep this beast stable at 170mph. The Cobra R was a true factory based street legal race car designed for ferocious corner carving and blistering speed. If you were looking for a ride with air conditioning, a back seat, insulation, or a radio you better stick to a Mustang GT.

The engine motivating the 2000 Cobra R was a naturally aspirated 385 horsepower 5.4 liter twin cam V-8 used in the Lincoln Navigator SUV. SVT engineers, under the leadership of John Coletti, thoroughly revamped the motor to suit their needs. Key changes included a unique intake manifold which ensured a smooth and steady supply of air, ported exhaust ports, and big tubular headers. The engine also featured a custom cam profile. Backing up the motor was a Borla X pipe and side exhaust dumps in front of each rear wheel.

2000 Cobra R Motor

Supporting all this horsepower required the addition of a T56 6 speed Tremec transmission and a special Gerodisc hydromechanial differential featuring 3.55 gears. However, the Cobra R used the basic 1999 Mustang Cobra clutch.

Suspension changes were significant on the Cobra R and required specially designed Eibach road race lowering springs. These springs were 800 pounds/inch in front and 750 pounds/inch in rear - nearly twice a normal GT rating. Front and rear struts and shocks were custom applications and were mated with huge sway bars and gigantic 13 inch Brembo brakes. This suspension combination created a stiff corner carver capable of 1G on the skidpad. Road tests suggest the car had razor sharp stiff handling but was forgiving enough to be tolerated on the street. All Cobra R's used 18 by 9.5 inch forged aluminum wheels and sticky BFG g-Force KD tires.

The Cobra R exterior makes this a unique Mustang that separates itself from any other Mustang lineage. The Cobra R has a unique chin spoiler designed to keep the car stable at high speed and ensure a good supply of air under hood. The hood features a power bulge needed to clear the massive 5.4 and custom intake. The hood has "gills" stamped that can be cut to allow the escape of heat and air pressure from the under hood. Custom side skirts follow the body line to the rear of the car where you find a firmly planted tall and wide deck spoiler which was needed to keep the car stable at high speed. The rear bumper is actually from a base V-6 mustang since there was not need to have exhaust cut outs on the Cobra R.

2000 Cobra R

The interior of the Cobra R was race oriented - no sound deadening, no sound system, no back seat, and a set of specially designed Recaro seats. Interior styling was essentially a blend of black Mustang GT interior trim and Cobra white faced gauges. In the trunk of all Cobra R's was a 21 gallon fuel cell.

2000 Cobra R interior


0-60 mph 4.4 seconds
0-100 mph 10.6 seconds
Quarter Mile 12.9 @ 110 mph
60-0mph braking 109 feet
Top speed 170 mph
Lateral acceleration 1.01 G



Only 300 of the 2000 Cobra R's were produced making this one of the most desirable Mustangs of all time. Cost of the Cobra R was $54,995.



Steering Cobra R
Turns lock-to-lock 2.62
Turning circle, curb-to-curb (ft.) 38.1
Tires/Wheels (standard)
Tire size BFGoodrich g-Force KD 265/40ZR18/
Wheel size/type (standard) 18x19.5 forged aluminum alloy
Front suspension (type) modified MacPherson strut
Rear suspension (type) 4-bar link coil spring system
Springs, F/R 800 / 750 pds/inch
Shock system gas-pressurized shocks (Bilstiens rear)
Stabilizer bar, front (in.) 28 mm tubular
Stabilizer bar, rear (in.) 26 mm solid


Front disc diameter (in) 13.0 Brembo
Rear disc diameter (in) 11.65 Brembo


Exterior Dimensions (in.)
Wheelbase 101.3
Weight 3550-3610 pds
Overall length 183.2
Overall width 73.1
Track - front 60.4
Track - rear 60.6
Fuel capacity 21 gallons


Aftermarket Companies Involved in the 2000 Cobra R

Company: Components:
Akebono rear brake pads
Bassani X-pipe
B&M Ripper shifter
BF Good rich custom 265/40ZR-18 tires
Bilstein gas-charged front and rear shock absorbers
Borla Performance mufflers and side-exit exhaust pipes
Brembo aluminum 4-piston front brake calipers, front rotors
Canton Racing oil pan and windage tray
Carillo connecting rods
Dana Perfect Circle piston rings
Eibach Springs, Inc. 800 lb./in. front springs and 750 Ib./in. rear springs
Federal Mogul engine bearings
Fuel Safe Systems 20-gallon bladder-type fuel cell
K& N cylindrical air filter
McLeod aluminum flywheel
Mobil Mobil 1 synthetic oil
Multimatic carbon-fiber front brake heat shields
Recaro seats
Tremec T56 6-speed transmission
Visteon steering, differential


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