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2001 Bullitt Ford Mustang

When Steve McQueen raced through the streets of San Francisco in the movie Bullitt, he probably had no idea that it was the making of a legend. Today, the Ford Mustang has appeared in more movies than most of Hollywood's brightest stars.

In memory of one of the greatest car chase scenes ever, Ford is bringing the magic back with the special edition 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT, a performance derivative inspired by the classic Warner Bros. Pictures film.

"The 1968 fastback Mustang GT 390, driven by Steve McQueen, created an indelible image in the minds of millions of people," says Jim O'Connor, president of Ford Division. "We have taken some of the passion from the Hollywood film and put it in an exciting new car. Now, we're taking the car on a road show."

The 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT will join the new Thunderbird and Focus on Ford's "Living Legends Tour," a traveling exhibition of the company's great car nameplates of the past and future. From June through August, Ford will bring the new cars to consumers throughout the U.S. and Cananda. The Bullitt is mostly built from a standard 2001 Mustang GT. however, there are a host of cosmetic and performance upgrades that make this car a future collectable.

"We know people have an affinity for our trucks and SUVs," says O'Connor. "But we're also looking to remind folks that at Ford we're putting the fun and the romance back into driving cars."

The 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT features exterior enhancements that visually and emotionally connect it to the 1968 fastback from the film. These modifications include unique side scoops, 17-inch Bullitt-style aluminum wheels and a lowered suspension.

2001 bullitt mustang

The C-pillars and quarter panel moldings have been modified to create a unique look. Rocker-panel moldings enhance the low-to-the-ground appearance. A bold, brushed aluminum fuel filler door is prominently placed on the quarter panel. Bullitt badging and polished-rolled tailpipe tips further distinguish the car. Bullitt is available in Dark Highland Green, True Blue and Black.

The heart of the Mustang Bullitt GT is a 4.6-liter SOHC V-8 engine modified to improve airflow. It produces 265 horsepower and a broader torque curve compared with the Mustang GT engine. Modifications include:

  • Twin 57 mm bore throttle body
  • Cast aluminum intake manifold
  • High-flow mufflers for increased power and aggressive performance sound
  • Optimized alternator and pump pulley ratios

Bullitt's suspension translates this power into crisp road manners. The vehicle is lowered three-fourths of an inch to generate a firmer, better-balanced ride and improved handling characteristics. The performance-handling package includes:

  • Re-valved Tokico struts and shocks
  • Unique stabilizer bars (front and rear)
  • Frame rail connectors

Thirteen-inch Brembo front rotors and performance calipers provide impressive stopping capability. The calipers are painted red and are visible through the 17-inch wheel spokes when the car is parked or when it is cruising the streets of San Francisco.

2001 bullitt wheel

"Bullitt is quick off the line, handles great, stops fast and shifts easily with improved pedal relationship," says Art Hyde, Mustang chief program engineer. "This is the best performing GT we have ever produced."

Inside, Bullitt features performance bucket seats with Dark Charcoal leather trim. A brushed aluminum shifter ball, shifter bezel, door sill plates with Bullitt nomenclature and aluminum pedal covers accent the interior's performance appearance. The instrument cluster gives a modern look to 1960s interiors with unique curved numeric speedometer graphics and a white-lit background.

2001 bullitt gauges

2001 bullitt interior

"With the Mustang Bullitt GT, we have a lot of functional features that would make Steve McQueen and Det. Frank Bullitt proud today," says O'Connor. "Bullitt has transformed the GT into an unforgettable car that enhances Fords performance reputation and builds on Mustang's performance tradition that began with vehicles like the Mach 1, Boss 302 and the 428 Cobra Jet."

The Mustang Bullitt GT has a MSRP of $26,830. The limited production of approximately 6,500 Mustang Bullitt GTs will be built on the same line of the Dearborn Assembly Plant as other Mustangs. Each Bullitt will come with a unique serialized identification label from the factory to ensure exclusivity and collectability.


Engine Layout   Front Engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine Type   4.6L SOHC V-8
Displacement (l, cu. in.)   4.6L, 281
Horsepower @ rpm   265 @ 5000
Torque lb. Ft. @ rpm   305 @ 4000
Compression Ratio   9.4:1
Bore and Stroke   3.6 x 3.6
Fuel System   Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection
Fuel Requirement   87 octane (minimum)
Fuel Economy (city/hwy mpg)   17/25 (5-speed manual)
Exhaust System   Retuned, stainless steel with catalytic converters
Type   5-speed manual (std.)
Final Drive Ratio 3.27:1   3.27:1
Gear Ratios   1st - 3.37; 2nd - 1.99; 3rd - 1.33; 4th - 1.00;
    5th - 0.67; Rev. - 3.22
Chassis Construction
Type   Unitized body

Engine and transmission modifications

  • The new cast aluminum intake manifold has an increased runner diameter to maintain low-end torque and provide a broader power curve for increased top-end performance.
  • A twin 57mm-bore throttle body replaces the GT 65 mm throttle body, allowing for quicker throttle response and increased peak flow.
  • To reduce parasitic losses, the alternator pulley was increased to 66 mm and the water pump pulley was increased to 140 mm.
  • The exhaust system has been retuned to increase flow approximately 20% and give the Bullitt a new distinct sound.
  • The exhaust system has been retuned to increase flow approximately 20% and give the Bullitt a new distinct sound.
  • All Mustang Bullitts will have the new TR3650 transmission and clutch assembly that provides improved shift quality. A new 11-inch flywheel and clutch assembly have been added to increase torque capacity and reduce clutch pedal efforts.


Steering And Suspension

Front Suspension
  Independent, modified MacPherson strut with separate spring on lower arm and stabilizer bar
  600 lb/in. linear (lowers car 3/4")
Helical coil, rubber-insulated
  35 mm piston, custom valved struts
Shock Absorbers
  Integral with strut, gas-pressurized, hydraulic
Stabilizer Bar
  28mm tubular
Stabilizer Bar Diameter
  1.10 Tubular










Rear Suspension
Type   Four-bar link with coil springs on lower arm (upper, loading; lower, arm) unique horizontal axle damper and stabilizer bar
Springs   250 lb/in. linear (lowers car 3/4")
Helical coil, rubber-insulated; progressive-rate
Shock Absorbers   Unique axle damper, gas-pressurized, hydraulic vertical shock absorbers and foam sleeve with horizontal axle dampers
Shocks   30 mm piston, custom valved shocks
Stabilizer Bar   21mm tubular
Stabilizer Bar Diameter   827 Tubular









Type   Power-assisted rack-and-pinion
Overall Ratio1   5.0:1 on center
Turning Diameter,
Curb-to-Curb (ft.)



Front Calipers Dual piston aluminum, custom painted
Rotors 330 mm vented
Rear Calipers Single piston
Rotors 296 mm vented
ABS/T.C. Yes
Misc. Subframe connectors
  • New stainless steel pedal covers are positioned to provide better heel-to-toe relationship.



Passenger/Luggage/Fuel Capacity
Luggage Capacity (cu. ft.) 10.9 7.7
Passenger Volume (cu. ft.) 83.0
Total Interior Volume (cu. ft.) 93.9
Liftover Height 28.3(5) 28.5
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) 15.7 15.7
Trailer Towing
Towing Class Light-duty Class I
Gross Trailer Weight (lbs.) 1000 max.
Max. Tongue Load (lbs.) 100
Hitch Design Load-carrying type

2004 Bullitt Mustang Highland Green

2001 bullitt san francisco

2001 bullitt gas cap

2001 bullitt mustang rocker plate


2000 Ford Mustang Top


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