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2012 Ford Boss 302 Mustang

UPDATE: Ford has officially announced that is will produce a limited edition 2012 Ford Boss 302 Mustang. The Boss 302 Mustang will be incorporate a refined race oriented suspension, increased horsepower near 450hp and use unique Boss Mustang exterior and interior styling. The 2012 Boss 302 Mustang will honor its race bred heritage while meeting modern standards for performance. The Mustang "Bad Boy" is back! Read more in the Ford press release about the Boss 302 Mustang.

2012 Ford Boss Mustang

Recently, Ford has made a tradition of bringing back iconic Mustang models such as the Shelby, GT500, Mach 1, and Bullitt models. Ford has suggested that in 2012 it will bring back the Boss 302 model to the pony car lineup. Although little specific information is known it is thought the car will host a naturally aspirated motor and have the light weight of a V6 mustang.

2012 boss 302 mustang red

The Boss Mustang was originally created by Larry Shinoda and was offered during 1969/70 in the Boss 302 and Boss 429 models. Both were designed to dominate road racing. They have emerged as some of the most valued and cherished of all Mustang models. Whether the new Boss Mustang is a simple additional trim package or a completely specialized model has not been released by Ford. Regardless, it is expected the 2012 Boss Mustang will feature more horsepower, rally styled rims, upgraded suspension, hood scoop, and a heritage themed styling package.

2012 Boss 302 Mustang Dash

2012 Boss Mustang engine

2012 Boss 302 Suspension

2012 boss 302 quad exhaust


Texas based Reed Speed Performance and Accesories is offering a heritage themed 2010 Mustang that may offer some clues to what a 2012 Boss Mustang may look like:

2012 Boss Mustang

2012 Boss

Powertrain options:

Cid HP Torque Model
5.0L 400+ 400+  

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