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1968 Mercury Cougar

1968 mercury cougar

The 1968 Mercury Cougar was a virtual carryover from the 1967 model year. However, it was this year that Mercury decided to get serious about performance. New powertrain's and another performance version of the XR-7 became available. Sales remained strong for the second straight year of the new offering.

For the first time the Cougar was available with the high performance 427cid motor. however, near the end of the 1968 production year it was replaced by the more emissions friendly and longer stroked 428 cid motor. Regardless, both motors made for a spirited and enjoyable ride.



GT: Firmer suspension and better brakes, Wide Oval tires, low restriction exhaust, bigger sway bars, necessary identification badging, and a big block 390cid motor.

XR-7: Wood-rimmed steering wheel, necessary exterior badging, black face competition type instrumentation in a simulated walnut dash, toggle switches, overhead console, leather T handle automatic transmission shifter, and leather seats.

XR-7G: Same as XR-7 but included hood scoop, racing mirrors, running lamps, and hood pins. The "G" stood for Gurney. This refers to the famous road racer Dan Gurney.

Production Numbers:

Hardtop: 81,000

XR-7: 32,700

Powertrain options:

Cid HP Torque Model
289 200   2V
289 225   4V
302 210    
302 230    
390 280    
390 320   GT standard
390 335    
427 390   GT-E
428 335    

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