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1964 - 1974 Plymouth Cuda

The Plymouth Barracuda was introduced to compete with the Ford Mustang in 1964. Originally the vehicle was built from a Plymouth Valiant. However, substantial changes occurred in the ten years of production which saw the once docile and unimaginative sports car become one of the most popular and loved Mopar muscle cars of all time.

In 1970 the Plymouth Cuda was completely redesigned. These new cars were wider and longer than the previous models. With such room now Chrysler was able to place any power plant inside the Cuda engine bay, including the legendary elephant motor, or 426 Hemi.

It was clear that the Cuda designers, along with the cars twin the Dodge Challenger, had plans for a much cleaner and more balanced body style for 1970. Plymouth would heavily market these new Cuda's with memorable features such as high impact colors, shaker hoods, and 440 six pack motors.

Interesting fact: The 'Cuda name is rumored to have come from the street name for the Barracuda which it earned on Woodward Avenue.

Year by Year Cuda Specs (Specifications)

1966 Barracuda

1965 Plymouth Barracuda


1966 Plymouth Barracuda


1969 Cuda

1967 Plymouth Barracuda


1968 Plymouth Barracuda


1969 Plymouth Barracuda


1971 Cuda
1970 Plymouth Cuda
1971 Plymouth Cuda
1972 Plymouth Cuda
1973 Plymouth Cuda
1974 Plymouth Cuda


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