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1970 Plymouth Duster

1970 Duster 340

In 1970, Plymouth introduced a new car to the market with roots similar to the Road Runner – high performance at a low price. This sporty new model was based on the 108 inch wheel base Valiant but featured a sloping fastback appearance. Considered an A-body mopar is was a light weight car. Not surprisingly, when mated with the powerful 340cid small block, the Duster could even surprise a big block. The Duster was the least expensive car part of the Rapid Transit System in 1970.

Under the hood the Duster 340 featured the same 275hp engine used in other Mopars. The base transmission was a 3 speed. However, the A833 4 speed and the TorqueFlight automatic were both available. The suspension was upgraded to handle the power and included heavy duty torsion bars, sway bars, brakes, and included your choice of 3.55 or 3.91 sure grip gears. With a little tuning and sticky tires Duster 340’s were known to run high 13 second quarter mile times.

In terms of appearance the Duster 340 included a small Duster 340 badges on the fenders and tail panel. The standard issue wheel was the Rallye rims, although you could option for wire wheel. On the inside the dash featured the Rallye cluster found in the Dodge Dart Swinger 340.


Duster (217, 192 cars produced)
Duster 340 ( 24,817 produced)

Engine options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
198   125  

6 cylinder

225   145 215 6 cylinder
318       2V
340 10.5 275 340 Duster 340


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