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1970 Plymouth Road Runner / GTX

The 1970 Plymouth Road Runner and GTX received new sheet metal for the 1970 year. They were built upon the same chassis as the previous years but featured some noticeable changes.

On the outside the cars featured non working side scoops on the rear quarter panels, bulge hoods with no scoops, new grill and tail panels.

Under the hood the motor options were the same as the 1969 model. However, the 440 6bbl version of the car appeared the same as all other Runners with the exception of a 440+6 decal on the hood. Included with the 6bbl and the hemi was a new feature, the pop up Air Grabber scoop. By actuating a switch under the dash a trap door would open on the hood allowing fresh cool air into the intake system. On the sides of the scoop was a mean looking grin.

As with the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, the GTX was remodeled. In general it included more power and luxury than the Road Runner. On the exterior the cars featured the new sheet metal and GTX decals. Under the hood was the standard 440cid or 440 6bbl, or 426 hemi. With all cars was included the heavy duty suspension.


Coupe (Road Runner only), hardtop, convertible (total Road Runner production 41,484, total GTX production was 7740)

Engine options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
383 9.5 335 365

road runner standard motor

440 9.7 375 480 GTX standard motor
440 +6 10.5 385 490 six pack
426 Hemi 10.25 425 490 enough said


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