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1971 Plymouth Duster

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The 1971 Plymouth Duster featured few changes from the 1970 production. Essentially, the car featured 3 changes; new shark tooth grill, new tape stripe with 340 graphics on the quarter panels, and a slightly modified 340 motor.

Exterior changes were minimal. The new taillight treatment included some new black graphics to match the new tape stripe that ran the length of the vehicle. As well, in 1971, the Duster included a blacked out hood treatment option (blacked out hood and fender tops and a large 340 wedge decal on the hood). New for this year were some high cost – high impact colors such as Tor-Red, Curious Yellow, In-Violet, Sassy Grass Green, and Bahama Yellow.

The revision to the 340 cid this year was to decrease the compression ratio fro 10.5 to 10.3 and to use the new Thermoquad carburetor instead of the Carter AVS.


Duster (base)
Duster 340

Duster Twister: Performance appearance package with hood scoops, racing mirrors, twister graphics, blacked out hood, and Rallye rims. Largest engine available was 318cid.

Total production:

270,000+ vehicles in 1971 - Wow!

Engine options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
198   125  

6 cylinder

225   145 215 6 cylinder
318       2V
340 10.2 275 340 Duster 340


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