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1972 Plymouth Duster

1972 Duster

The 1972 Plymouth Duster featured minor cosmetic changes and new 340 motor. A few upgrades were available to the interior but largely was unchanged.

The 340cid featured lower compression, a smaller camshaft, smaller valve heads (1.88 intakes instead of the 2.02 of previous years). Power dropped to 240hp (net). It is interesting to note that this was not Mopars most powerful motor, even more power than the big block 440.


Duster (base)
Duster 340

Duster Twister: Performance appearance package with hood scoops, racing mirrors, twister graphics, blacked out hood, and Rallye rims. Largest engine available was 318cid.

Engine options:

Cid Comp. HP TQ Note
198   125  

6 cylinder

225   145 215 6 cylinder
318       2V
340 8.5 240   Duster 340


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